Development Alternatives

The Development Alternatives (DAs) is a registered entity in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that presents a wide range of solutions and alternatives to most of the prevalent institutional problems in development industry. The DAs aims to strengthen institutions by applying indigenous expertise and resources to maximize the impact of socio-economic development for pro-poor strata of the society and strives for their empowerment.  The DAs’s support transcends geographical limits and focuses part of the country, especially Khyber PakhtunKhwa, for its intervention, wherever the need be.


With a diversified professional experience and expertise, the DAs aims to render technical service and undertake projects and programmes related to socio-economic development, institutional capacity building, peace and development in post conflict areas, access to justice, poverty reduction, as well as socio-economic, legal and political empowerment of both women and men.


Institutional capacity and organizational development is the cornerstone of the DAs’s programmatic area where is applies a focused approach to build capacities of public sector organizations, civil society entities, NGOs, and other development partners to enhance organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability. Cognizant to increasing demand and need for governance, transparency and accountability, human rights and gender mainstreaming as cross cutting thematic areas, the DAs lends specific importance and support to these areas.