1. Provision of technical support for programmatic innovations to improve projects and programmes for benefits of pro poor as a value-addition to the work done by public and private sector institutions and donors sponsored initiatives;


  1. Consultancy and advisory services to public and private sector entities, civil society organizations, national and international NGOs and donors/ funding agencies in areas related to pro poor development both in urban and rural areas of Pakistan in general whereas tribal areas of Khyber PakhtunKhwa in particular;


  1. Policy advocacy through conceiving and designing integrated print and electronic media campaigns to make key public sector policies aligned with the needs and aspirations of pro poor;


  1. Technical support and facilitation to any sector specific programme conception, designing, appraisal, implementation, as well as monitoring and evaluation by applying world class cutting-edge development approaches and techniques;


  1. Empirical research, impact analysis, diagnostic surveys and feasibility studies related to development projects and programmes of socio-economic importance to draw inferences for future course correction and replications;


  1. Needs assessments, organizational reviews and surveys and design training curriculum in consultation with client agencies on need basis;


  1. Capacity building support to national, provincial and local government institutions, civil society originations; NGOs, media and corporate sector organizations for result based management and performance;


  1. Networking, coordination and experience sharing with beneficiaries and stakeholders by formulating and implementing specific programme interventions for impact maximization;


  1. support for institutional development, process reengineering, change management, leadership development, behavioral modification and accountability mechanisms to enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness;


  1. Designing and organization of tailor made training programmes in areas identified through need assessment surveys or demanded by the organizations concerned for institutional development and performance efficiency.


  1. Humanitarian support, provision of relief and recovery items, and monitoring of distribution processes in areas affected by natural disinters.